Warriors Announcers Get Fooled By Embiid’s “69 Percent” Conditioning Sex Joke (Video)

Joel Embiid is always making jokes on Twitter. He is a funny guy but he definitely backs up his humor with some seriously stellar play on the court.  After he dropped 46 points in a win against the Lakers, he was interviewed about his conditioning and asked what his conditioning level was. Embiid paused for a moment, and slid in a sly 69 joke, saying his level was at 69%.

Rob Gronkowski has made this joke on numerous occasions, and Embiid pulled it off without even cracking a smile.

The Warriors announcers apparently didn’t get that 69 is a popular sex position used by many in jokes, so they went ahead and broke down his 69% conditioning level. Flip the page to hear them break down Joel Embiid’s 69% level.