Watch Denzel’s Hilarious Reaction to Seeing Drake’s Tattoo of Him (Video)

Drake is no stranger to paying homage to his idols and inspirations in the form of body art. The emcee from The Six has tattoos of Sade, Aaliyah, Lil Wayne, and Denzel Washington in addition to inked portraits of his mother, father, grandmother, and uncle.

Denzel recently stopped by the The Tonight Show to promote his new movie, Roman J. Israel, Esq. when the conversation turned to Drake’s inked tribute to the actor.

Host Jimmy Fallon showed Denzel a photo of the tattoo, adding that he was not sure where exactly the image is housed on Drake’s body. Washington starred at the photo saying, “Yeah, that’s me” before taking the photo for further inspection. “Yeah, now you’ve got me wondering, where is that?” he pondered.

The image is from Denzel’s turn as Bleek Gilliam in the 1990 movie “Mo’ Better Blues”.

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