Why adidas is Likely Hoping Derrick Rose Retires

Derrick Rose won the MVP in 2011.

adidas gave him a 13-year, $185 million extension in 2012.  It made sense back then because Rose looked like he was going to be one of the faces of the NBA and a true challenger to LeBron James for years to come. adidas didn’t want him going to NIKE, so they locked him up for what they believed would be the duration of his career.

Fast forward to 2017 and in retrospect it looks like a terrible decision. No one could have predicted the injuries that Rose has had and how much damage it has done to his brand, which is why adidas might be hoping that Rose who is contemplating his future retires.

As he continues to “re-evaluate his future in the NBA” while away from the Cleveland Cavaliers, point guard Derrick Rose could potentially be leaving more than $80 million of Adidas endorsement money on the table should he decide to retire outright.

If Rose files retirement paperwork with the league, the terms of any remaining years on the Adidas deal will not be paid out. Even though Rose’s star power has faded in recent years, Adidas has been contractually obligated to continue producing and marketing a DRose signature sneaker each year. Rose had been wearing the DRose 8 model this season.

$80 million is a lot to leave on the table, that maybe one reason why we will see Rose back sooner than later.