3 Things Sadam Ali Has To Do To Beat Miguel Cotto

The night has finally arrived-Miguel Cotto will be hanging up his gloves as he is set to take on Sadam Ali at the world famous Madison Square Garden. But, who will actually win tonight’s bout?

If you’re thinking that this fight hasn’t shown us much hype-you’re not wrong but, it is exciting for the two boxers as one will be leaving the ring for good. Meanwhile, it’s great to see Sadam Ali get this opportunity for his career. Nothing but respect has been displayed between these two boxers but one thing’s for sure, Cotto’s presence in the ring will be missed.

Can Ali pull off the upset tonight? That’s the major question that’s looming over people’s heads. He does have some advantage over Cotto such as height and age but in all seriousness, as Ali enters that ring, he’s already proved himself considering that he’s attempting to make a big name for himself. If Ali plans on leaving the ring with that title, here’s a game plan for him:

As mentioned before, Ali does have an advantage over Cotto as he is a tad taller and about 10 years younger than him. But as it’s proved in the past, “age ain’t nothing but a number.” Will Cotto’s age show out tonight?

Ali’s techniques are quite impressive. His footwork will leave you impressed and his jab might make you raise your eyebrows. I’m going to look forward to his left hook. In other words, it’s going to keep Cotto busy. But is it enough to figure Cotto out?

One another way that Ali can possibly show out is that he’s home tonight. Ali is from Brooklyn and fighting in New York City has be super exciting. If he’s going to show out, tonight’s the night to do it. But, Cotto’s been fighting there for a few years now. Will Ali’s crowd top Cotto’s crowd?

The action is set tonight on HBO.

Erika Fernandez

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