Courtney Jean Thornton Who Falsely Accused OU RB Rodney Anderson of Rape Because He Curved Her is a White Woman (Photos)

False rape accusers should go to jail.

It is the only way to stop false accusations which not only ruin the reputations of the men, but make it harder for women who are truly sexually assaulted to come forward.

It was proven that Courtney Jean Thornton lied about Oklahoma running back Rodney Anderson raping her, but she will face no charges, because the DA doesn’t want to put an accuser on trial.

Miss Thornton only said she had been raped after Anderson stopped returning her messages and didn’t want to be her boyfriend.

It was simply a lie and a lie that will always be hanging over Anderson’s head, even though there will be no repercussions for Thornton. She admitted point blank to the police.

The prosecutors made clear at the news conference that there were doubts about her first statement to police. They disclosed she had recounted to a close female friend the next day “intimate details” about her sexual activity with Anderson and said she had a great time.

Prosecutors pointed out the accuser had acknowledged that she never told Anderson to stop during his time at her Norman apartment.

One friend told police Thornton had said “this would be a ‘great thing’ for her political career following the Air Force,” The Oklahoman has learned. The friend told police Thornton had said “female-empowered political organizations would love something like this.”

That is wrong and she should be ashamed of herself. Miss Thornton released a statement saying she is dropping her protective order against Anderson because she is enrolling into the military.

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85 thoughts on “Courtney Jean Thornton Who Falsely Accused OU RB Rodney Anderson of Rape Because He Curved Her is a White Woman (Photos)

  • This happen every year on predominantly white university campuses, also everyday in the workforce & at gyms. I’m not speaking about sane women…I’m speaking about the over the top drama queens that suffer from sever mental illnesses. Do some women deserve to be imprisoned for making false accusations of rape & sexual assault? Yes. But some need psychological help. Sane women often don’t see some women as suffering from a sever mental illness because they see them as victims…I’ll get to that in a minute.

    It’s not always rape or sexual assault. I heard women accuse men of raping them with their eyes. I heard women make accusations of sexual assault. I heard women make up accusations of men stalking them when clearly that’s not the case.
    I dated this woman, Heather Wall, back in 1998-1999…but before I dated Heather Wall she tried to have a man sent to prison. Instead the guy being sent to prison the judge ordered Heather Wall to undergo psychological evaluation at the Cleveland Date Rape Center.

    Mind u…Heather Wall has a B.A. in psychology so her sever mental illness didn’t matter to other women that saw her as a victim & she knew this. Not only that…but she’s biracial & looks innocent & trustworthy. Just like intelligence really doesn’t have a look…crazy don’t either.

    I didn’t find out until months into the relationship. When I saw an open letter from the Cleveland Date Rape Center asking her to come back & finish her evaluation…than certain signs that were there made sense…I wanted out of that relationship. Anyway…after we broke up in 1999 we had no contact at all. She later stalked me in several different states years after we broke up…I was very disturbed. That’s an even longer story that involve other people.
    I’m not saying I’m all that because actually it had nothing to do with me because she suffers from a sever mental illness…but her mental illness didn’t seem to matter to other women that saw her as a victim.

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