Details on a TX Teacher Calling The Police Because She Thought Her 6-Year Old Muslim Student With Down Syndrome Was a Terrorist (Video)


A Texas teacher is coming under fire after calling the police on a 6-Year-Old, Muslim, special needs student she believed to be a terrorist.

Fox 26 in Houston reports that an unidentified substitute teacher at C.J. Harris Elementary School in Pearland called the police because the child reportedly said, “Allah” and “Boom.”

The boy’s father Maher Suleiman told Fox 26 he has intellectual difficulties and doesn’t speak.

“Mohammad was born with Down Syndrome chromosome 21,” said his father Maher Suleiman.

“He needs care all the time,” said Maher.

The family of the child is upset and call the treatment discrimination.

“She claimed he was a terrorist,” said Maher. “This is so stupid, it’s discrimination. Actually, it’s not implied discrimination, it’s actual discrimination.”

To hear the father’s full account of what happened, flip the page.



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