Details On How Many Millions Future Had To Pay Rocko To Settle Their Lawsuit; Spoiler Alert It Was A Lot

The beef between Rocko and Future might have concluded after a settlement in court was reached to where Future must pay Rocko $7 million. This stemmed from Future reportedly not handing Rocko the right about of payments from royalties.

In documents received by TMZ, both cases from Rocko and Future were requested to be dismissed. Rocko was looking to get $10 million in unpaid royalties from Future. Future originally signed with Rocko’s A1 Recordings six years ago which ultimately led to Future’s stardom. Rocko helped Future sign with Epic Records and that helped make him become a household name in the music industry. The two soon fell out after a dispute over royalties.

Future’s lawsuit against Rocko said that advances that he received from Epic Records did not violate his contractual agreement with Rocko’s A1 Records in any way. With the case now officially over, Rocko’s lawyers told TMZ that it was a “very successful result.” Rocko finally got the millions that were owed to him.