Details on Keaton Jones’ GoFundMe Page Being Shut Down Because of Possible Scam & What Will Happen to the $60k

Bullied Tennessee student Keaton Jones has become the poster child for a viral anti bullying campaign that gained tremendous support over the last few days. His sister posted a video on social media of her brother crying and explaining the bullying he suffered at his school. Athletes, celebrities and entertainers from all over have shown support for Keaton via social media. According to TMZ Sports a GoFundMe page for Keaton has been started and nearly $60K has been raised. But GoFundMe officials say the page labeled “Stand Up for Keaton,” which went live two days ago, is no longer accepting donations. The beneficiary of the donations needs to be confirmed.

Obviously this is important as there are always members of society that look to take advantage of good natured people by creating fake pages and pocketing the proceeds for themselves. GoFundMe is said to be attempting to contact Keaton’s mom Kimberly Jones, to confirm she is in fact the recipient. But the company has been unsuccessful so far.

To compound matters, images on social media of Kimberly Jones posing with a confederate flag whining about “butt hurt Americans” have sparked serious backlash.

Of course many believe this issue shouldn’t be “politicized” but this is where we are in 2017. We can all agree that Keaton nor any kid should be bullied and we can all get behind and support that. But if in fact Keaton’s mother harbors thoughts that are associated with the Confederacy we could use this as a teachable moment.

Flip the page for her racist comments…

13 thoughts on “Details on Keaton Jones’ GoFundMe Page Being Shut Down Because of Possible Scam & What Will Happen to the $60k

  • His mama should be arrested for using her kid for a scam. Low life. Kids really going to mess with him now!

  • That money should go towards a bullying campaign or something

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