Eli Comes Back But Why It Meant Nothing

Where do we begin on this afternoon’s game? It’s still a heated rivalry since over 78,000 people were in paid attendance for today’s Cowboys-Giants game. However, the second half is where it all fell apart as the Giants lost. Eli Manning “returning” to today’s game virtually meant nothing.

The receivers must’ve dropped at least 5 passes. Eli was intercepted just a couple of times. They move to 2-11 which is something that today’s Giants fan is not used to. Eli Manning was named the starting quarterback and was welcomed back with a nice standing ovation. However, his return really meant nothing considering the fact that their season has been over.

For the Cowboys, this game meant much more as they’re clinging on to dear life for a playoff opportunity. The Giants defense kept trying to spoil their plays but in the end, the Cowboys were victorious over the Giants. Had Manning won today’s game, it probably would’ve made his return much sweeter because he would’ve ruined their playoff hopes.

During the post-game conference, we spoke to Manning regarding Geno Smith’s dad receiving death threats all because he started last week’s game.

There’s just a few more games left in this disaster season. Everyone is just looking forward to the Draft at this point.

Erika Fernandez

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