Eli Manning Speaks On His Future & Shares Thoughts On Possible McAdoo Firing


This past week, the biggest story in the NFL was Eli Manning being benched for Geno Smith to start the game against the Raiders. Manning said that it was his decision meanwhile others feel that he was pressured. Today, he spoke out against Ben McAdoo’s firing.

If you scroll on social media, many are ready for the news of Giants head coach Ben McAdoo’s firing. But as some have pointed out, Jerry Reese also has to go, which is crazy because he’s been with the team since 1994 but as General Manager since 2007. Despite the drama that’s surrounding the team, you won’t catch Eli Manning in the mix despite how McAdoo has thrown him under the bus. Through it all, he doesn’t want the coach to be fired because of what it’ll bring.

I don’t want that. I don’t want anybody to get fired. When a coach gets fired, it’s usually because the team, the players and myself haven’t performed up to our duties. I’m not mad at anybody. … I don’t blame anybody for the way (my benching) was handled. I think Coach McAdoo tried to do right by me but knowing I was going to come out of the game, I couldn’t play that way.”

In addition, he also spoke about his future in the league, as he’ll be turning 37 next month.

“I plan on playing next season.”

Well, that’s pretty clear in case you wanted to know.

Now, Geno Smith did throw a touch down pass today, including 212 yards, but that’s not enough to grant him the starting quarterback job.



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