Ex-Rams WR Stedman Bailey Making Another Inspiring Comeback Attempt After Being Shot Twice in The Head (Video)

Stedman Bailey was early into what was shaping up to be a promising NFL career when it was all derailed by a horrific drive-by shooting , resulting in Bailey suffering two gunshots to the head.

Now, after winning a serious fight for his life; Bailey is turning his attention toward fighting to get his career back:

To say Stedman Bailey is extremely lucky would be the understatement of the decade, but to see him moving this way after such devastating injuries has to be a relief to those who love & care about him…NFL be dammed.

If he’s able to play again that’s great, but the fact he’s seemingly able to live a normal life now is a HUGE win, regardless of anything else.

Flip the page to see more videos of Bailey training for an NFL comeback, via his IG: