FSU Players Are Planning Something Over Jimbo Fisher Considering Leaving Them for Sidechick A&M


Friends, how many of us have them? In that regard coach Jimbo Fisher isn’t making too many after rumors of him leaving the Florida State Seminoles program for Texas A&M.

The issue is now they players have their own agenda if coach Fisher stays. According to Tomahawk Nation, multiple players will transfer if he’s back coaching.

“If he stays, I’m out.”

It’s clear as day, the players don’t rock with coach Fisher and don’t want to play for him. Considering their next game tomorrow versus the Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks it’s unknown what the coaching situation will be or is going to be. From the looks of it, FSU better act quick, because the players don’t seem to be messing around.

According to reports, Fisher says he plans to coach this rescheduled game, we’ll see how this plays out.


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