Georgia Fan Wakes Up His Auburn Fan Neighbors at 8am in a Very Petty Way (Video)

This Georgia fan woke up his Auburn neighbors at 8am for a quick reminder (via MaryRamsaier/Twitter)

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The sass in this Georgia fan is very much alive and it’ll probably start a new feud in his neighborhood. His neighbors, who are clearly Auburn fans, were woken up at 8 am with a friendly reminder.

The bad blood runs deep in college football. In fact, those numbers have been doing great and will probably continue to do well because people are so loyal to their teams. One Georgia fan pulled out a petty card by waking up his neighbors, who are Auburn fans, with a loud speaker announcement via a microphone.

First of all, if you wake me up at that time, I’m putting on my boxing gloves and knocking you out. Secondly, who has a microphone with speakers handy? This was definitely thought out.