Laila Ali On Colin Kaepernick Winning Muhammad Ali Legacy Award (Video)

Colin Kaepernick received the Muhammad Ali Legacy Award this week due to his efforts of bringing awareness of racial injustices along with police brutality on black people in America. Laila, Ali’s daughter, offered her take on Kaepernick winning the award along with his efforts in the community.

Per TMZ, Ali said that Kaepernick “has my 100% stamp of approval.” When a reporter asked her if Kaepernick was indeed the modern day Muhammad Ali though, she paused and said “I think it’s good that he got the award.”

Kaepernick-Ali comparisons are drawn due to both of their exceptional civil rights work outside of their sport despite backlash. Kaepernick knelt during the national anthem to protest black people and other minorities still not being treated equally. Ali was a prominent figure of the civil rights era and he also protested being drafted to the Vietnam War.

Flip the page to see Ali offer her full thoughts on Kaepernick winning the award along with the comparisons to her father.