LaVar Ball Blames The Lakers “Raggedy Record” on Sitting Lonzo in the 4th Quarter & Not Building a Big Baller Brand Behind Him


Of course this isn’t true.

Lonzo has had his struggles in all quarters and frankly the Lakers need others to step up to mask his shooting deficiencies.

He isn’t just shooting poorly from the field but also from the line, so while his rebounding, assists and defense haven’t been bad, until his shot starts falling he will be a liability at times on the floor for Lakers, especially at crunch time.


  1. I just want to take time to say I really do feel this dude. He has played the game for what it is, and has profited handsomely off of it. This brother literally just created controversy in order to create publicity for himself. As the old saying goes any publicity is good publicity. Now I don’t really subscribe completely to that, but in this particular instance I got a tip my hat to the brother. Because he worked the system wonderfully. He pissed a bunch of people off or they you like his shoes or not, created a buzz off that, and then put out the real product which is actually kind of dope. I don’t know if y’all have all seen the shoes, but they decent. I rock those shoes mos def. And the shoes that most recently came out, are only like $77. Not then saying price he was charging before. So in closing all I’m trying to say is you don’t necessarily have to be about kind people or practicing the art of the deal. All I’m trying to say is be about your paper and screw all your little punk ass feelings. They don’t mean anything. Be about your paper, be about your grind, and don’t let your emotions get in the damn way of your paper.

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