Learn How HEAT’s Team Bus Almost Left Erik Spoelstra Stranded In Mexico City

Sightseeing sure got the best of HEAT’s head coach Erik Spoelstra. In fact, nature called too and he almost got left behind by the team bus. How it happened will make you laugh.

This sounds like something straight out of the movies and reminds us of something that you’d perhaps see in the National Lampoon vacation films. As the HEAT were set to take on the Brooklyn Nets in Mexico City, they channeled their inner tourists and went sightseeing. Enter Erik Spoelstra’s bladder as it had the worst timing. No one could find the coach but he told the story.

“I was taking a tour of the park and stopped to go to the bathroom,” Spoelstra said with a grin later.

“I don’t think they would have left me behind.”

Spoelstra, though, raced across the park to get to the bus once he realized the team had boarded it and was on the move. He did, however, stop to pose for a selfie with a fan on his way to the bus.

I definitely don’t think they would’ve left him but chances are, their phones weren’t on airplane mode so they could afford to make the calls and find him.

Nonetheless, this is how people get lost so maybe next time, they’ll adopt a buddy system and share when they’re stepping away.