LeBron Says NBA Should Televise All-Star Draft And Why Players Shouldn’t Worry if Picked Last

The NBA is moving to a playground style format for the 2018 All-Star game. Instead of East and West conference affiliations there will be two captains selected (the player with the most votes in each conference) and the captains will select their squad from the available pool. Just like they used to back in the day. LeBron James says the NBA should televise the selection process as it will add to the intrigue and excitement. Bron almost assuredly will be one of the captains and would like to generate even more interest in the Sunday game. The NBA has no plans of televising the draft as of now, mainly to spare the feelings of those players selected last. Bron disagrees, courtesy of Cleveland.com, saying:

We’re all grown men. It doesn’t stop your paycheck from coming. It won’t stop you from playing time when the season starts. Trying to win. Listen, just trying to win in the All-Star Game. You want to get the best player, the best caliber of player.

Bron’s got a point, but these guys do have ego. He’ll be a captain or at worse the first player selected, he’s got nothing to worry about. There might be a slight level of embarrassment for the last guys chosen.

As of now the league hasn’t finalized its decision but in all likelihood the picks will be made off camera to keep the politics of NBA relationships away from the main storyline. For example, would Bron pick Kyrie? If Harden is the West captain and he’s got KD and Russ on the board, which former teammate does he pick? Interesting stuff.