Man Steals $300K Ferrari, But Gets Arrested When He Asks For Gas Money (Video)

This sounds about right via Vlad TV.

According to reports, a man Israel Rangel was arrested and charged with stealing a $300K Ferrari after he was seen asking for gas money to fuel the vehicle.

The Southern California man allegedly stole the 2015 458 Spider by walking on the car owner’s property and taking her car after finding the key in the car’s seat. The car owner, a woman named Susan Friedman, described the whole ordeal by saying “It was just like ‘Gone in 60 Seconds.’” According to the LA Times, the car was reportedly missing for 27 hours before anyone took notice.

The thief brought attention to himself two weeks later after he was seen driving the car recklessly in Santa Ana. From there, Rangel was seen at a Mobil gas station where he was asking for gas money to fill up the car. Santa Ana police noted that Rangel totaled and ditched the car at the gas station. Rangel tried to flee the scene but was later found in some bushes at an entrance to a nearby Holiday Inn.

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