Metta World Peace on Why LaVar Ball Sending His Sons to Play in Lithuania is a Genius Move (Video)

LaVar Ball is a disruptive force in the amateur basketball world for many reasons. He pulled his youngest son LaMelo out of high school to home school him and train for the NBA which brought heavy criticism, and followed that up by signing both LiAngelo and LaMelo to a Lithuanian team as professionals. Again, garnering more criticism and scrutiny.

This means that his sons will not be generating any revenue for UCLA or the NCAA before turning pro. LaVar Ball decided to keep the money his sons generate in the family, and Metta World Peace is all for it.

Besides the financial implications of controlling your own brand, Metta World Peace feels that playing pro basketball in Lithuania will also improve their skills and make them better basketball players.  He cited better coaching and a heavier emphasis on fundamentals in overseas leagues that will benefit LaMelo and LiAngelo.

Flip the page for the video of Metta World Peace supporting LaVar Ball.

12 thoughts on “Metta World Peace on Why LaVar Ball Sending His Sons to Play in Lithuania is a Genius Move (Video)

  • We have been conditioned to question anything a black man does outside the morm

  • ALL4BALL! What he is doing makes PLENTY of sense.

  • Daddy Ball maybe the big three sneaker conpany and NCAA’s biggest nightmare as he bucks the system (as in revenue loss) especially if others follow suit and they become a players agent. They will push their brand on the international scene, maybe earn a decent salary, possibly get better training as more and more players are entering the NBA from overseas with fundamentals and can complete their education. Maybe the positives out weigh the negatives? He’s taking a gamble no doubt.

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