NCAA President Mark Emmert Shows Extreme Hypocrisy In Criticizing LaVar Ball

2017 has been dominated by the Ball family. From LaVar Ball’s antics in the media, to Lonzo Ball getting drafted by the Lakers, and LiAngelo Ball getting arrested for shoplifting in China. NCAA President Mark Emmert came out taking shots at the Ball family saying that if you’re an athlete and not going to help the schools make money, there’s no point in being there.

This is in the midst of LaVar pulling LiAngelo out of UCLA due to his indefinite suspension along with LaMelo Ball, the youngest of the group, having his NCAA eligibility being in danger due to him having his own Big Baller Brand shoe in high school.

Emmert is wrong here. Many athletes are ready to turn pro immediately after high school and just because they don’t want to conform to the NCAA’s controversial business practices, they shouldn’t be attacked for it.