Odell Beckham Posts Mashup IG Video of Both Him & Tom Brady Being Emotional to Illustrate The Double Standards of Their Similar Actions


Consistency, that is all people want.

Yes, there is some nuance with these type of issues, but other times it is apples and apples, but media likes to throw oranges into the fruit basket.

It is all about how you channel your emotions.

There are times Beckham’s emotions carry over to the field and that is when he gets himself in trouble, when his head isn’t in the game. Other times he is just trying to fire himself up and ends up having a great game.

Brady has a lot of outbursts as illustrated in the video, but rarely, if ever has it carry over to him losing it on the field or costing him team.

Double standards and stereotypes exists in sports, no one can deny that. When you get a reputation like a Dez Bryant or Odell Beckham,¬†even when you aren’t doing anything that bad, the media will blow it up. When you seen as the golden boy like Tom Brady, you could stab someone on sidelines and people will make excuses for it.

I understand Beckham’s frustrations and how he feels that he is being unfairly scrutinized for similar actions, but welcome to being black in America.

Flip the page for the IG video…



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