OU Rodney Anderson’s Lawyer Says His Rape Accuser Only Came Forward After Anderson Declined to Be Her Boyfriend & He Has Evidence To Prove That


Women often do not report sexual assault because of many reasons. One of the main reasons is victim shaming, which is why you always want to be sensitive to any accusation.

Women should be giving the benefit of the doubt because, but we also have to be sensitive to the person being accused if it seems there might be ulterior motives to the claims.

Oklahoma RB Rodney Anderson is accused of raping a woman. Here is how she described what happened.

In the protective order filing, the woman said she was drinking at a bar on Nov. 16 when she met Anderson for the first time. She said she was planning on taking an Uber home, but Anderson’s friends “were insistent that he take” her home.

The woman said that this past weekend, through a conversation with a friend, she started “recalling images and feelings of him forcing his fingers” inside her and biting her. She said she tried to get away to put clothes on, but he followed her and asked what she was doing.

Once again you want to give her the benefit of the doubt the same way you want to say Anderson is innocent until proven guilty.

Anderson’s lawyer in a statement says that the accuser only made these claims after Anderson declined to pursue a relationship with her.

If Anderson did anything wrong he should be thrown under the jail, but if the accuser just lied to ruin his reputation because she is bitter that he didn’t want to get with her, she should be severely punished as well.

Flip the page for her order of protection filing…



  1. The climate we in now encourages this type of Shiggidy if the lawyer stating facts. Young athletes be wary of those Gold Digging ladies. This happens more than what’s being reported. So if the guy doesn’t want them they smear the young mans name with false allegations. Then nothing happens to them once found false. Shame

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