Sadam Ali Pulls The Upset As He Beats Miguel Cotto

It’s over for good. Miguel Cotto has hung up his boxing gloves. Tonight he faced Sadam Ali. The crowd at Madison Square Garden was present as he was defeated by Sadam Ali.

When the fight initially started, you can tell a few things-speed and jabs. Sadam Ali was connecting them while Miguel Cotto was avoiding. Ali was owning Cotto for a few rounds and then came the sixth round in which Cotto had an opportunity to basically lay the knock out on him but something went wrong.

As many did not expect, this fight actually went to the twelfth round as Ali was called the winner by unanimous decision. In case you missed the decision, enjoy the video below.

Is this the last we’ve seen on Cotto in the ring? Even in the post-fight, he reiterated that he’s done for good.

However, we must give up a round of applause for Ali because that left hook is something that many slept on. He is officially a rising star as he beat a legend.