Steelers Mike Mitchell Calls Matt Hasselbeck an Asshole for Calling a Him Dirty Player, But Here is True Nugget in His Rant That No One is Talking About

I have changed my opinion on something which doesn’t happen often. I, as someone who doesn’t play football cringe at the thought these guys play the most violent team sport, get paid the less amount of money and deal with the most serious health risk.

But, I am going to stop caring because the players don’t care.

Mike Mitchell is basically saying this is what he signed up for and he is ok with that, so if they don’t care about their brains being scrambled then why should we?

The part though no one is talking about is when Mitchell speaks on the CBA. The players have no one to blame but themselves for their bad contracts, punishments they receive from the NFL and how they are treated by owners.

Maybe if they were as passionate about the CBA as they are about not getting fined, then Mitchell wouldn’t be going on this rant.