Stephen A. Smith Says People Calling Him “Screaming A. Smith” Has Racial Elements to It (Video)


With Stephen A. Smith sometimes you have to dig a little deeper to see the point he is trying to make.  Smith was speaking about how Tom Brady’s yelling is treated differently from black players. That is a 100% true, but a part of that is because Brady is the GOAT.  If it was Blaine Gabbert screaming, probably be seen a little differently.

Black people in general are held to a much higher standard even if they are doing the exact same things as their white counterparts.

The Loud Black Man stereotype totally exists. If LaVar Ball was white, a lot of the adjectives thrown his way would be different.

With that being said, Stephen A. yells a lot and I don’t think people really are arguing about if he is passionate it or not, people wonder if his points would be heard more clearly if he wasn’t screaming at us.

I think black and white people feel that way, so like a lot of things that Stephen A. says there is some truth to it, but it might not specifically apply to him.  I think black reporters and journalists in general are held to a much higher standard, but I don’t people calling Stephen A. Smith, “Screaming” is racially motivated.

Flip the page for video of Stephen A. speaking on the matter provided by The Big Lead



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