Tom Brady Hoping Gronk isn’t Suspended For His Dirty Hit (Video)

Football can bring out the beast in some folks and that’s what happened Sunday in a divisional game between the Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots.

By now, I’m hoping you’ve seen the video of Tre’Davious White getting hit while attempting to get up by Rob Gronkowski. It was dirty and uncalled for, after the game Gronk basically said he was fed up with calls being missed on his behalf and lashed out.

Teammate Tom Brady echoed his thoughts, and it’s not said how long Gronk could be suspended but Gronk will miss time. According to TMZ, Brady spoke with ‘Kirk and Callahan’ on WEEI Monday morning.

“It’s an emotional game and these are like spur of the moment things, they just happen,”

Brady says,

“You always love to keep your cool all the time but you’re in a sport where you’re trying to run and block and hit and tackle and be physical and aggressive. That’s why people tune in.

Brady continued,

“I think if it was a pillow fight, people wouldn’t tune in to watch.”

No surprise that Brady is defending his teammate. The question is how many games will Gronk miss. Week 15 they take on the Pittsburg Steelers in a battle for home-field advantage.

Flip the pages for Brady’s comments and to see the hit.