Twitter Reacts To UCF Trolling About Not Getting Into College Football Playoff Over Alabama (Photos)

The four teams for the College Football Playoff were announced today with Clemson, Oklahoma, Georgia, and Alabama. One team thought that they were snubbed of a playoff berth despite their 12-0 record.

The UCF Knights won the American Athletic Conference championship yesterday in overtime against a ranked 10-1 Memphis Tigers team. This capped off an undefeated season for UCF despite Scott Frost ultimately deciding to take the Nebraska head coaching job at the conclusion of this season.

UCF took to Twitter to troll the playoff by expressing their disappointment that they didn’t get in over Alabama. Their strength of schedule held them back which will always lose the argument against Alabama but the entertainment on Twitter was priceless.

Flip the pages to see college football fans go off on UCF’s claim that they should’ve been one of the top four teams playing for the national championship in Atlanta.