Warren Sapp on If He “R Kellyed” Ex-NFL Network Employee Jami Cantor in the Bathroom & How CTE is To Blame For Him Not Remembering if He Sexually Harassed Anyone (Video)

Warren Sapp doesn’t have a job in media and the lawsuit that Jami Cantor filed is against the NFL Network and not him, so he is talking freely about the incidents.

Sapp’s credibility is a bit shot, but he does bring up some interesting points that Cantor might be exaggerating some of her claims, case in point.

Sapp says he DID open the bathroom door and saw Cantor working in there — but instructed her to get out … and didn’t begin to pee until she was gone.

“I walked in [and] asked her to leave,” Sapp said … “She left. She yelled what she yelled through the door, talkin’ about that’s her office.”

Sapp explained, “This sh*tter can’t be your office.”

Sapp also addressed Cantor’s allegations that he gave her sex toys as Christmas presents — saying he DID give them to some makeup artists after they requested them … but never gave one to Cantor.

When asked if he had spoken to any of the other players named in the suit, Sapp says he talked with Marshall Faulk … but claimed his CTE kept him from remembering much of the conversation or accusations.

Assuming this is true, then Sapp shouldn’t be in the lawsuit, but who knows at this point.

Flip the page for the whole interview with Sapp on The Andy Slater Show, it is quite a listen…