Why Stacey Dash is Hiring a Lawyer to Combat Damon Dash (Video)


On the eve of Damon Dash releasing his first full feature film in over 15 years his cousin, and film co-star, Stacey Dash is seeking legal help to prevent it from seeing the light of day.

The Jasmine Brand reports that Stacey Dash is looking to block the release of Honor Up, featuring along with cousin Damon and rapper Cam’ron. Although she appears on the movie poster she says she is not in the film.

No. I am not. I’ll let the lawyers handle it.

It is unclear why Stacey is seeking to halt momentum on the film. As far as her appearance, not only is she on the movie art work, she appears in the trailer.

To see a trailer of the film, under it’s former title ‘Too Honorable,’  flip the page.



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