Wife Asks Husband to Choose Between Her & His Sex Robots; He Explains Why He’s Leaning Towards Sticking With Robots (Video)

I am not sure if this is considered cheating or not.

Some might consider it worse than cheating.

Channel 4’s The Sex Robots Are Coming did just that – particularly thanks to one participant who admitted he didn’t feel able to choose between his favourite doll and his wife.

Thursday night’s show saw James – owner of a trio of anatomically-correct androids – introduce us to the unusual new houseguests he first bought when his wife Tine left to look after her elderly mother. While she admitted that James is a ‘great husband’ he also confessed he had become ‘lonely’ after Tine left – and so turned to artificial intelligence for comfort.

However he admitted things had now moved another next level with one of the dolls, April – and that he had kept his new companions even though his wife had now moved back in. ‘While most owners go into it with the intention of ‘oh it’s only a sex toy’, they find that they do develop a relationship with that doll,’ he explained. ‘Every guy has in his mind the perfect girl – that’s what I see when I look in this mirror and see this look.’

And when asked which he would choose if it came down to his wife or his robot he sheepishly admitted: ‘If I had to choose between them I honestly don’t know.’

What a time to be alive.

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