Zab Judah Is Now a Certified Nurse’s Assistant; Details on The Work He Does With Dementia Patients


Boxer Zab Judah has had his share of run-ins with the law.

It looks like he has turned over a new leaf and has embarked on a career helping dementia patients. Judah spends his days working as a certified nursing assistant at an adult day care facility. At night, he actually helps teach a nurse’s assistant class for those hoping to obtain certification.

A recent grad of the class himself, Judah is CPR-certified and First-Aid trained while still training as a professional fighter.

The director at Excelling Nursing Academy, Teberah Alexander, says that Judah works primarily with patients suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s and has quickly become a favorite of the patients. He performs a myriad of tasks including administering catheters and taking vitals. Alexander also runs the day care facility.

Judah promotes the nurses academy on his Instagram page, encouraging enrollment.