Cardi B on IG Live Explains That Offset Doesn’t Know What The Word “Queer” Means (Video)

Cardi B is standing up and defending her man, aka Offset, following the recent firestorm surrounding his use of the word queer on the new single “Boss Life.”

Offset later apologized attributing the flub to ignorance of the negative connotation attached to the term.

In an Instagram live stream, Cardi says she confronted him about the word he gave her the same explanation used in his apology message. She goes on to double down on his assertion that he didn’t know the word was offensive to members of the LBGTQ community and suggests the community offer additional education on the term.

To see Cardi’s stream and Offset’s public apology, flip the pages.

5 thoughts on “Cardi B on IG Live Explains That Offset Doesn’t Know What The Word “Queer” Means (Video)

  • I thought queer was acceptable again. Us straight, supportive, Allie men asked you to give us an easier way to say LGBTQ+etc and “queer” was the answer. We want you to be equal to us, but you don’t have to serve up half the alphabet to address us. We’re trying to learn here. Give us one, non offensive word that we can use however we want. Thank you.

    -Your Allies

    • Me too. Cardi B is grasping for straws because that LGBTQ community doesn’t play. Isaiah Washington barely came up for air before they grabbed him up and shoved him under again! She’s trying to save his career. If we ran our own community what other community-owned industry could mess with the careers of other people? Entertainment with todays technology is no longer prohibitive. It’s only the distribution which is locked up through “legal” racketeering, and monopolizing!

  • Got your girl fighting your battles. Not a good look….

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