Christian McCall Shoots 4 Cops & After a 6 Hour Standoff is Taken Alive by Authorities

It must be nice to be able to shoot four cops and live to tell about it.

If Mr. McCall were black and shot four cops, we would be scheduling his funeral today.

A man shot and injured four law enforcement officers — one of them critically — early Tuesday near a South Carolina home, a sheriff’s spokesman said, after deputies initially were called there for a complaint of domestic violence.

The man suspected of firing the shots, Christian Thomas McCall, first struck one deputy near the home outside the city of York and then hit the others a couple hours later, York County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Trent Faris said.
McCall, 47, was injured when officers returned fire during the second exchange, which ended a nearly six-hour ordeal in which officers were looking for him, Faris said.

The county solicitor, Kevin Brackett, told investigators that they have probable cause to seek warrants charging McCall with three counts of attempted murder for the shootings of Clinton, Brown and Cummings, Brackett said.

Hopefully, McCall spends rest of his life in jail, but he will have a life, unlike some others who didn’t do anything to cops besides being black.

6 thoughts on “Christian McCall Shoots 4 Cops & After a 6 Hour Standoff is Taken Alive by Authorities

  • WHITE PRIVILEGE at work…. If White you write to them even if you shoot a man in blue…..

  • He’s alive because they made a choice to take him alive. I’ve always reminded people that this tactic goes back to the days of slavery. White men have a lot more explaining to do if he murders an equal.

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