Damian Lillard Decided To Go Straight to the Owner Paul Allen to Ask For Some Help

Lillard just went over everyone’s head to go right to the owner.

This could be a good or bad thing for the Blazers going forward. ESPN has the story.

Portland Trail Blazers star point guard Damian Lillard met with team owner Paul Allen to gather an understanding of the organization’s direction, league sources told ESPN.

Lillard, who turns 28 on July 15, requested the meeting in part to reaffirm his commitment to the only professional franchise he has ever suited up for, but also to gain assurances that the organization was just as devoted to expeditiously crafting a title-contending team, sources said.

According to sources, the meeting was held without knowledge of anyone else in the organization. Allen notified the Trail Blazers’ basketball operations and business branch afterward.

Allen acknowledged the roster imbalance, but questioned why the team had suffered through an inconsistent first half.

They also discussed players to target.

In addition, Lillard sought an explanation from Allen as to why Will Barton was traded to Denver in February of 2015, sources said.

Lillard desperately yearns to bring a championship to Portland, which is why he inquired about the organization’s plan off attack to accelerate the process.

It is unlikely as long as Lillard is in the West, the Blazers are going to be able to compete with the upper level teams.

If he truly wants a title, he is going to have to do something he swore not to do, and that is team up with other superstars.

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  • Can’t beat’em, join’em. He may as well boss up on one of these star studded teams.

    • Come to Cleveland and send IT, Shump & Channing Frye

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