Details on Eagles Fan Punching a Police Horse

This is just odd, according to TMZ, Taylor Hendricks was drunk at the Falcons versus Eagles game Saturday and was thrown out. Not long after being tossed, Hendricks attacked a police officer and his horse.

Man alcohol does a lot, it has folks like Hendricks thinking he’s a tough guy. According to reports, Hendricks punched the horse multiple times in the face and then attacked the officer.

Hendricks was arrested for aggravated assault, illegally taunting a police horse, simple assault, and defiant trespass. Yeah, he racked up quite a rap-sheet but was bailed out the next day.

On January 30, Hendricks is set to be back in court, he could face animal cruelty charges according to Fox 29.

The good news was that there weren’t serious injuries to the officer of the horse.

He deserves Donkey of The Day.

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