Details On Jay Z Being Named First Guest On Van Jones’ New Show On CNN

CNN political commentator Van Jones will be receiving his own show ‘The Van Jones Show’ on CNN. The first episode is set to be televised on January 27. The show will be linking politics and pop culture together. The program will be coming out with a bang as Jones’ first guest will be Jay Z, according to

Jay Z has been very socially active when it comes to injustices in America over the past year. He addressed these problems in his new album ‘4:44′ along with publishing an op-ed in The New York Times about Meek Mill’s incarceration explaining how his circumstances are the same injustices that black men have been facing in America for hundreds of years. It will be interesting to see Hov bring his knowledge to Jones’ show.

Jones explained how everybody is involved in politics in this era and it is not only for politicians. He believes that his show can help other peoples’ voices be heard on a large platform.

“It used to be that politics were solely for us news nerds. That’s no longer the case,” said Jones. “Everything and everybody is now involved in politics in some way. Sports figures, musicians, actor are 100% engaged. It used to be you’d watch late-night TV and it was all very bland humor and the most recent movie and now it’s all about politics. Politics has taken over everything and everything has taken over politics- and the show will reflect that.” (