Details on Man Nearly Killing His Own Girlfriend After Mistaking Her For Guys They Were Fighting in Strip Club Melee

It be ya own boyfriend.

The ABSOLUTE last thing I want to do while trying to enjoy a relaxing evening of adult entertainment, is have to break a sweat & ruin my outfit during a West Side Story type of brawl.

That’s exactly what happened in a Florida strip club when a fight broke out between Sonny Mendoza, his girlfriend Kara Thobe & some of the patrons.

Unfortunately,  Thobe was critically hurt; not at the hands of any of her combatants…but by her own man, when he repeatedly slammed her head into the concrete mistaking her for the group they were fighting with.

Fox 11 has more details:

According to the sheriff’s office, Sonny Mendoza and his girlfriend Kara Thobe were ordering food outside the Oz Gentleman’s Club early this morning when two unidentified women walked out. Witnesses said the pair “exchanged words” with Mendoza and Thobe before walking back into the club.

Moments later, the women came back out with two unidentified black males.  More arguing ensued, which soon became physical.

During the melee, Mendoza threw Thobe to the ground, where she struck her head. Mendoza was then seen repeatedly slamming his girlfriend’s head into the cement until patrons at the club rushed in and restrained him.

Deputies arrested Mendoza on one count of aggravated battery. He allegedly told detectives that he mistakenly slammed Thobe into the ground multiple times thinking he was fighting with one of the unidentified males.

Detectives say Thobe, 35, remains in critical condition at Bayfront Health St. Petersburg.

I’m not sure how someone could mistake their female companion for a guy they were fighting, but either way, hopefully, this guy does some time and this young lady can live to give him the business when she recovers.