Elementary School Gives Assignment Asking What Was Good About Slavery; 9-Year-Old Have Perfect Answer For Such Ignorance (Video)

A Wisconsin school is under fire after one of the school’s teachers instructed students to provide three “good” reasons for slavery.

Fox 6 Now reports that Our Redeemer Lutheran School issued an apology after receiving a complaint from Trameka Brown-Berry, the parent of a black student in the class.

Speaking to Fox 6, Brown-Berry called the lesson offensive.:

“Not only was my son in an awful position, but also the students who weren’t black because it’s that sort of mentality of not being able to see from another’s perspective, and only seeing through your lens, that’s what’s dangerous. That’s what keeps racism going.”

The school’s principal called the lesson a “mistake.”

“We understand that, as presented, the words used showed a lack of sensitivity and were offensive,” he wrote. “The purpose of the assignment was not, in any way, to have students argue that ANY slavery is acceptable-a concept that goes against our core values and beliefs about the equality and worth of people of all races.”

Brown-Berry’s son had the perfect response to the assignment. To see what he said, and the news interview with his mother, flip the pages.