Errol Spence Dominates Lamont Peterson; Watch Spence Knock Him Down & Beat Him Up (Video)

The year for boxing started off right. Tonight, fans got to see Errol Spence Jr take on Lamont Peterson. After a grueling 7 rounds, Peterson’s corner threw in the towel and Spence is now sitting on top of the welterweight championship.

If you watched tonight’s fight and don’t know too much about boxing, you can definitely walk away with knowledge such as Errol Spence Jr’s footwork is definitely something to admire as well as his power. In addition, you have to give lots of props to Lamont Peterson because it took a lot of grit to get into that ring and fight the future of this division.

Peterson had been knocked down and it was only a matter of time till his corner threw the towel in. Shout out to Barry Hunter for doing the right thing.

So what’s next for Spence? Danny Garcia? Keith Thurman? Somebody better answer that phone. In the meantime, flip the page to see the end of tonight’s fight started.