How A Florida Man Was So Drunk That He Drove Up To A Bank Drive-Thru And Tried To Order A Burrito

Florida is known for creating some of the most outrageous incidents and we may have seen the first one of 2018. Douglas Jon Francisco, 38, of Tampa, was arrested for DUI for drugs and alcohol after mistaking a bank drive-thru window for a Taco Bell restaurant, according to

The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office stated that the branch manager of Mariner Boulevard bank said that Francisco was passed out at 5 PM on Wednesday. The manager said he tried to knock on Francisco’s window of his Hyundai but he was unresponsive. When he finally woke up, he tried to order a burrito.

In the arrest report, a deputy said that Francisco made “statements that were differing from reality.” Francisco went on to deny that he ordered a burrito. He was soon ordered to undergo a field sobriety test in which he failed.

Police are still waiting for the tests to come out of what specific drugs Francisco was using. He was soon booked into Hernando County Jail and freed the next day after posting a $500 bond.