Kawhi Leonard Has Beef With Spurs With How They Are Handling His Quad Injury

This sounds more like frustration than anything else.

When you can’t understand why you aren’t getting better and you have no one to blame, you blame the team, seems pretty simple.  ESPN broke the story that I am sure Popovich is going to have a lot to say about it.

Under president and coach Gregg Popovich and general manager RC Buford, the Spurs have a two decades-long history of strong relationships with star players, but multiple sources describe Leonard and his camp as “distant” and “disconnected” from the organization.

Beyond the current rehab for the right quadriceps injury that has caused Leonard, an All-NBA forward, to miss most of the regular season, there is work to be done to repair what has been until now a successful partnership.

In an interview with ESPN, Buford rejected the reporting of turbulence between the franchise and Leonard.

Once Kawhi is better I think everything will be fine, just might take a while.