Kid Explains Why The Only Christopher He Acknowledges is Wallace After Teacher Lies to Him About Christopher Columbus

Just like the elders say, these kids today are too smart. Still not convinced? Here’s further proof that Big Mama is right on target.

A common practice in elementary schools is to write a journal entry every day to improve articulation of thoughts in written form as well as to improve handwriting. For a young student named King, he used those critical skills to convey his disgust with the day’s lessons and the result is incredible.

The entry, obtained by The Root and hilariously broken down by writer Damon Young, was penned by a 9-year old student named King. Over the course of the entry he informs his teacher that the day wasn’t great for learning, Christopher Columbus discovering America is a lie (and the only Christopher he acknowledges is Wallace) and as a result of her teaching lies how is she qualified to teach black history.

This young man has a career in writing ahead of him.

To see the hilarious entry, flip the page in its entirety, flip the page.