Lakers Josh Hart Gives Joel Embiid Some Rihanna Advice (Video)

In the NBA everyone, for the most part, is family and in some instances family usually will give each other advice, whether it be on the court or off the court.

A few years ago Joel Embiid wanted his shot at dating Rihanna, she shot that down immediately, saying at least be an All-Star. Embiid has been voted into the All-Star game. Recently after the Philadelphia 76ers beat the Boston Celtics, TNT’s reporter Kristen Ledlow asked Embiid about maybe giving it a shot now that he’s an All-Star. Nope, Embiid shot that down, he’s good.

Lakers Josh Hart ran into TMZ and believes otherwise, or so he say’s, flip the page to see what Hart has to say.

4 thoughts on “Lakers Josh Hart Gives Joel Embiid Some Rihanna Advice (Video)

  • Used cars are only exciting if they’re Rolls Royces! He can find a better chick in Uganda, Nigeria or Kenya…

  • Joel better stay away because Rihanna is about that Bisexual Life and he ain’t ready for that. Lol

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