Lamont Peterson Talks To BSO About Plans To Upset Errol Spence & Being Overlooked (Video)

Lamont Peterson is set to face off against Errol Spence Jr. While the two have displayed so much sportsmanship, we spoke to Peterson about Saturday’s fight. What should fans expect?

Today was the final press conference for Saturday’s bout. Errol Spence Jr vs Lamont Peterson is going to take place on Saturday, January 20. We will bring you all a fight preview shortly but we caught up with Lamont Peterson about the fight. There may have been lots of sportsmanship displayed but don’t get it twisted-these two can box. In a sense, we’ve gotten used to the trash talk within the boxing world. So to see boxers give credit to one another is something uncommon to us.

Peterson knows how people classify him and that many predict that Spence will win. But to quote him, “I respect their opinions but I’m going to win.”

This is going to be great.