Watch a Man (Legend) Get Kicked Off Flight for Wearing All His Clothes to Avoid Paying Baggage Fees (Pics-Vid)

Ryan Carney Williams hasn’t been having the best week thus far. Williams has found himself in Iceland with no luggage. How this happened isn’t quite certain, but the problem Williams is having according to the Sun Sentinel is that he’s trying to leave Iceland to head to London to no avail.

Williams posted several videos for two straight days of his airport trials. In the videos, you can see that he has basically put all his clothes on his body and has been promptly been refused by both British Airways and easyJet two days in a row.

A British Airways spokeswoman told The Washington Post that customers who book “hand baggage only fares” can choose to pay a fee at the airport if they end up needing an extra bag.

“We give our customers a wide range of fares to choose from to meet their needs,” the airline spokeswoman said. “We explained our policy to our customer, and offered him an alternative flight to London.”

Williams’ travel woes didn’t end with the British Airways flight, apparently. The following day, he posted a video of himself back at Keflavik airport and said he had been turned away from a second flight back to England, this time on easyJet.

“I was disruptive yesterday, apparently,” Williams said. “I can’t board this flight again to go home. Trying to call my mom. Trying to call my dad. Trying to call my stepdad. Trying to call my brother.”

Williams later posted images of a direct message exchange with an easyJet representative, who told him the captain had decided to “offload” him based on the British Airways incident from the day before. The representative told him he would not be eligible for a refund – a decision the airline later reversed.

“The Captain and the ground crew were concerned about reports from the previous day so we provided a refund and he traveled with another airline,” easyJet spokeswoman Ruth Bishop told The Post in an email.

Williams eventually flew home on a third airline. It was unclear if all his clothes made it.

At least Williams was finally able to leave Iceland. Flip the page to see the videos he posted to Twitter of his travel woes.

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