Michael Jordan Speaks on What He’ll Need to Trade Kemba Walker

Michael Jordan didn’t deny that he is trying to trade Kemba Walker if anything he clarified for teams what needs to happen if they want him in this interview with the Charlotte Observer.

“We bred him, we chose him, we groomed him to be a good player for us,” Jordan said of Walker, who the Hornets drafted ninth overall in 2011, to a great extent because Jordan saw traits in Walker that reminded him of his own playing career.

“I’m not looking to trade Kemba, but I would listen to opportunities.”

“It’s not like we are shopping him. We would not just give him up. I love Kemba Walker. I would not trade him for anything but an All-Star player.”

“I’m telling you I believe in my team,” Jordan concluded. “I’m disappointed in our record and I’m frustrated at times. But I’m telling you I like everything about Kemba’s work. I’m not just going to throw him away.”

All that means he is looking to trade him just looking for the right deal. He tried to sugarcoat it, but that is what he is saying.