Mississippi GOP Senator Roger Wicker Caught on Live Mic Admiring Pretty Teenage Girls Amid Government Shutdown (Video)

It’s stories like these that really make you realize how little the Republican party cares about what’s happening with this country. The government was deep in a shutdown costing so many to go without pay, yet one senator found a way to trivialize the situation by commenting on the appearances of teenage girls.

Senator Roger Wicker displays a lack of respect for the government that he was chosen to fight for, and he also displays a lack of regard for women. Wicker was caught on a live mic according to Vlad TV.

Roger Wicker, the junior senator from Mississippi, was speaking with New Jersey senator Cory Booker when a comment was made by Booker about a page being from one of the most beautiful places in the country, according to Wicker spokesperson Ryan Taylor.

“I thought you were going to say this was one of the most beautiful girls,” responded Wicker while gesturing with his hands towards a group of female pages. “What about these others?”

Booker appeared to respond to Wicker’s joke with a laugh.

Wicker’s people claims he meant nothing by the comment, but it’s not really cute to have someone of his age talking about young girls.

Flip the page to see the full video, and you can hear the tone in Wicker’s comment. You be the judge.