NBA Jam Set to Return Thanks to Iconic “Boom-Shakalaka” Announcer

One of the most popular basketball video games in history is about to make its return. NBA Jam is set to return in celebration of its twenty-fifth anniversary thanks to announcer Tim Kitzrow, the voice behind the famous catchphrase “Boom-Shakalaka”.

According to Uproxx’s Jason Nawara, Kitzrow and original programmer Mark Turmell told ESPN that things are in motion for a potential reboot of the franchise.

Kitzrow said:

“I can’t speak anything to the specifics,” Kitzrow said. “But, I can tell you there is movement in the works to get it done for the 25th year. So I’m hoping that we get a remake that does justice to the original.”

Turmell is one of the original creators of the game and was part of its last reboot in 2010. Turmell is also known as the man who infamously programmed the Bulls to brick shots against the Pistons in the first game.

“I helped on the reboot of the franchise. They did a pretty good job. But there’s so much more that can be done. It’s really sort of an untapped category, to have that over-the-top NBA action with the official license. It’s a great brand.”

No matter how many years pass us by, NBA Jam will never go out of style.

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