Rick Carlisle Calls LaVar Ball a “Threat” Which Of Course is a Coded Word & MAGA is Jumping on His Bandwagon

It may make you uncomfortable, but there is no way Rick Carlisle uses this language against a white man. He would never in his life say this about a white man, but because LaVar is independent and black, he feels comfortable speaking about it. It has always been the place of the white man to try to put the black man in his place by any means necessary.

This is far bigger than LaVar Ball and Big Baller Brand. This is something that has gone one for centuries, the suppression of strong black voices.

This is different from just saying LaVar Ball doesn’t know what he is talking about or that you disagree with him, by calling him a threat you are saying he is someone people should be scared of.

What threat is LaVar Ball to the NBA? What has LaVar Ball done but increase the conversation around the Lakers? He is no more of a threat to the league than you and I.

But, what they don’t want is black men with voices, they don’t want more LaVars, they don’t want independent thinkers, and it isn’t a shock that MAGA has hopped right on Rick Carlisle’s bandwagon.

Just look at how these White reporters are trying use LaVar Ball as some sort of demon to make you think lily white is always right, but being black is “ignorant.”

When they say NBA coaches are just protecting their own, all they are saying is they are protecting their whitness. Because I didn’t see this type of love for David Fizdale after he was fired.

Open your eyes, and you will see what really is going on.

32 thoughts on “Rick Carlisle Calls LaVar Ball a “Threat” Which Of Course is a Coded Word & MAGA is Jumping on His Bandwagon

  • Carlisle is not making this about race. This article and outlet is. No one has ever called out LaVar because he is black. They are calling him out because he continues to make claims that are based on his opinion. Saying Luke Walton has lost the team? What player has said that?
    Did BSO call out LaVar for his prejudice take on UCLA not winning a championship because of “white guys”. Do better BSO.

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