Saints Cam Jordan Sends Cam Newton Some “Sauce” After Beating Them Sunday Night (Photos)

This level of petty is on new heights.

As most of you know, the Panthers lost to the Saints Sunday night, 31-26. This was the 3rd time this season the Saints have defeated the Panthers, and it would seem to have their number. Of course, this win wouldn’t have been worth it without some sort of pettiness and it comes from Saints, Cameron Jordan.

Cameron Jordan and Cam Newton have been notably been going back and forth all season with Jordan making fun of Newton’s clothing choices. Newton concluded that Jordan must need some “sauce” and well… Jordan responded appropriately,

“You beat the Carolina Panthers three times in a year, I’m gonna have to send this guy a wine bottle. I appreciate him. So I’m gonna send him some sauce,”

Well, no one said losing was easy. Hopefully, Cam Newton responds perfectly to this, but at this point is it even worth it?